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New Zealand Marine Goodness

We produce a premium range of natural, nutrient-rich supplements to support & enhance - balancing hormones, increase vitality, and rejuvenate skin, naturally,  with our powerful, scientifically proven marine-based products. 

'Nurturing your health naturally'

Nourished Naturally


OCEAN&GREEN  Macrocystis pyrifera Seaweed is sustainably hand-harvested from the South Coast of New Zealand and our supplements offer many incredible health benefits to support your ongoing wellbeing.

OCEAN&GREEN Marine Collagen Supplements provide a natural source of vital amino acids, vitamins and other essential nutrients to help nourish, rejuvenate and replenish your body.

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 100% Natural All New Zealand Sourced & Produced Collagen to Naturally Nourish, Rejuvenate, Replenish & Support Your Body
Every Evening!

 What Our Customers Are Saying 

Ocean & Green Seaweed Harvest
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These capsules are PACKED with natural vitamins and minerals! I aim to get as many nutrients in my body as possible and the Organic Seaweed Supplement helps tremendously! Highly recommend these to anyone who wants to boost their energy and improve their overall health.”

Dawn Fletcher, San Diego, USA


Restore beauty and balance with natural, evidence-based products that harness the goodness for you.

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"Seaweed Capsules are amazing! I've been on them for 3 weeks and have improved energy and overall better mood and digestive health."

Fiona Louise — USA